Wednesday, April 21, 2004

We had a little excitement at work today. A bit of motion outside the window caught my eye. I looked up, and two policemen were being pulled past me by a German Shepherd. They disappeared around the corner of the building. Their cruisers were parked on the side of the road near our building. Everyone crowded at the window trying to see what was going on...because we're all a bunch of gossips at heart. Everyone joked about who in the building might have reason to be worried. But we couldn't see anything else, and soon everyone went back to their desks. Maybe a half hour later, the dog, accompanied by three cops, walked happily by, carrying a bone. Most of us were eyeing the dog, commenting on how pretty he was...but some people have other things on their minds.

"Isn't that a beautiful dog?"
"Yeah. And the men aren't bad either."

In any case, no one was arrested or anything. They were just exercising the dog. At least one of my co-workers is hoping that they make this a regular ritual.

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