Tuesday, April 22, 2003

So this weekend, my roommate and I went to Claytopia to paint some pottery...and I took pictures.
We had already planned out our projects for the day, and brought along some pictures to use as guides. So, we picked out the plates we wanted to paint, and then had to decide what colors we wanted to use:

Then we got to work painting the background color. And then painting it again. And then painting it again. (For those of you who have not attempted this sort of craft before, in order to have a nice even finish that isn't streaky, you have to use three coats of paint)

With the background done, my roommate began drawing her design on her plate. I traced my pattern and started painting.

Approximately 6 hours after we started, we had completed our painting projects and had this to show for our work:

Finally, today we were able to pick up our finished projects, which had been fired over the weekend, so now they look like this:

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