Thursday, March 09, 2006

I started my Clapotis this week. I have pretty, fingering weight, self-striping yarn, in greens and blues and purples. I am very happy with the yarn choice, but thus far am not happy with my progress. My tension is all wonky, especially the stitches to either side of the markers. I am probably going to frog it tomorrow and start over, using some tips from the knit-a-along group. *sigh* Stupid knitting.

Progress on the mystery shawl, is that it is currently also waiting to be taken apart and restarted on smaller needles. I think the last clue comes out next week. I probably will still be working on the first one. It may be that my real problem is that I am knitted out at the moment.

In other news, I ordered these bunny ornaments last week, and am waiting for them to come in. Yes. I am a dork. If you put a bunny on it, I will buy it. =) But I think they are sweet, and I've been wanting to do some more embroidery. I haven't done crewel work in years, but I think the techniques are so pretty. I've been thinking about picking it up again, mostly because at work, we have a couple of new crewel embroidery designs coming through, and I find a couple of them strangely appealing. There's one with all these flowers on it, and they're crazy colors, and not at all the sort of thing I should like (or at least, not the sort of thing I should admit to liking), and yet, I do. Very much. I am weirdly attracted to color these days. Go figure.

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