Saturday, April 28, 2007

I was realizing, as I was going through my photos, that I never uploaded and shared the pictures of what I received for the Fairy Tale Swap. Some of you may remember that I ran into a bit of trouble with this swap. The pictures of what I made are in this post, along with some other stuff. The swap items were 2 of the handspun yarns, the knit bag with a swan on it, and the little Robin Hood and Maid Marian figures. I also included in the package a couple of Robin Hood retellings that I had and was getting rid of, a nerf crossbow, and some glow in the dark stars. I mailed it off, and the confirmation information indicated that it had been delivered, but my partner insisted that she hadn't received it.

Then, when she sent, she didn't get a delivery confirmation number (at least not that she told me). But she had been really active in the community, and in communicating with me via e-mail, on my journal, and through messaging in Craftster. I never received the package. She offered to remake the stuff for me, and I was going to make her a new package as well. And then she fell off the face of the planet. I went to contact her to say that I wasn't going to have time to make another package (this was when I was starting my new job, and doing all that commuting, and I was stressed out). I sent a request to the mods to get her an angel. She didn't respond. And then I went to her journal one day, and it had been deleted. I was seriously heartbroken. Not only was I sad that all of my hard work had maybe gotten lost in the mail, or at the very least was not appreciated, but I had been so excited about this swap, and it had gone bad so quickly.

Thankfully, the mods were very understanding and they got me the best swap angel I could have asked for (RowdyVampRaquel). I know, I know....on to the pictures!

Tote bag - The Goose Girl. Handmade tote, with a quote from the story and geese and goose girls stenciled/painted on it.

A swap journal - East of the Moon, West of the Sun themed, has a satin bookmark with a bell on it attached.

Slippers - The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Sadly these don't quite fit me (literally just a fraction of an inch too small), but they are adorable, and I think I will hang them in the new apartment somewhere...probably in the craft room.

Falada stuffie - The Goose Girl - yes, she made me a decapitated horse's head as a present. What can I say? I inspire weirdness in others. I absolutely love this present.

And last, but not least:

This is a card made for me by my partner's 8 year old sister - with a Barbie Twelve Dancing Princesses theme. Isn't that just about the cutest thing ever?

She told me later that she had never read any of my chosen stories before, but that the Goose Girl became one of her favorites, too. I am so very pleased with all of her hard work, and grateful that I got such an awesome swap angel.

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