Friday, August 24, 2007

Ernest, my crocheted bunny reached his new owner yesterday, and she likes him a lot.

Work on some of my long oustanding knitting projects is nearing completion. I am about halfway through the decrease section on my Clapotis. Exchequered is about 6 rows from being complete, so I should finish that today at work. And I completed one of jadefu's fingerless mittens and started its mate. Hooray for finishing things.

Finally, I have some handspun yarn to show you. I decided to make an attempt at spinning bamboo. I had a lot of trouble with it, actually. It didn't want to wind onto the bobbin and ended up being severely overspun and full of kinks, as well as being inflexible. Though it was very shiny. I had intended to leave it as a single, but to try and make it a little more pleasing to work with, I plied it with some sewing thread and got this:

I ran out of thread, and had some excess yarn, and with that I found that by reskeining it a couple of times, I was able to work out most of the gnarly bits, and it actually looks and feels pretty good:

Well, that's all the crafting I have right now. Hopefully today at work will be a little slow so I can get some stuff done. I don't understand why our customers don't realize that I have knitting to do, they keep calling in and wanting to talk about their problems. Geez.

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