Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lordavon invited me to be her partner for a swap on Craftster. She specifically asked me to make her some Blake's 7 stuffies. She listed a few of her favorites, and since I had never seen the show, I had to look up pictures of them, which she was also helpful in providing. Anyway, she seemed to like them so here they are:

In return, lordavon knitted me up some spiffy wristwarmers:

These are very soft and warm and fuzzy. I was having difficulty taking pictures of them on me, though.

and earmuffs:

Yes, those are bunny ears. I think they might need some wire around the edges to help them hold their shape, but I really like them, and they will help to keep me warm.

and a stuffed bunny:

Cause you can never have to many stuffed bunnies. Well..I can never have to many stuffed bunnies, anyway.

And finally a bunch of origami, which proved difficult to photograph:

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