Thursday, July 15, 2010

I am still on a sewing kick and have a bunch of stuff to share. Lately, I have been using my insomnia to my advantage. When I wake up at 4:30 and can't go back to sleep, instead of staying in bed and wishing I was sleeping....I've been dragging my butt up to the studio and getting some work done.

Here's what I have been up to:

More aprons:

Knitting needle cases:

And purses:

So that's pretty much what I have been up to lately.

In other news, I have changed studio mates. Amber left our space this month, which makes me a little sad, but I totally understand why she needed to do that. My friend Jaime is going to be moving in with me, so I am looking forward to playing around with our space. I am finally putting up curtains! (or at least, I will be as soon as I can get someone who is not afraid of heights to come over and help).

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Amber said...

I'll come help! I was trying to even out the pole while I was there! If you have a ladder I'd love to be of assistance :)