Monday, January 24, 2011

A conundrum

I taught myself how to do a linen stitch this weekend, and started a hat, using some handspun I've had around for a while.

I think it looks pretty cool so far. The problem is that the linen stitch is not stretchy, and so the hat is coming out much smaller than intended. I keep going, and just make a small sized hat? Or undo it and make a bigger hat? Any suggestions?


Sharp Pointy Sticks said...

Is it small like child size, or small like it will only fit an adult with a weirdly tiny head?

inlerah said...

haha. it might fit a child, but not having any children handy, i am not a good judge of that. i suspect i should take it out and try to make a more adult sized hat. :(

but it looks pretty!

Sharp Pointy Sticks said...

I was thinking if it was child size some one might buy it at open studios... However if it was a weirdly tiny adult size there might not be much market for it!

inlerah said...

yeah, i bit the bullet and frogged it. this time i'll do some increases after the ribbing to help account for the fact that it is not stretchy at all.