Thursday, July 21, 2011

a conversation between me and my cat

Gwyd: Hi Mommy! I'm so glad you're home! No one has ever loved me ever. Can we snuggle?
Me: No honey. It's hot. Here, have some gooshyfood.
Gwyd: But I..Oooh! Gooshyfood. Nom nom nom.
Gwyd: Hey. Where'd you go?
Me: I'm in the living room, enjoying the air conditioning.
Gwyd: It's nice and cool in here. You wanna snuggle?
Me: Go away.
Gwyd: How 'bout now?
Me: No.
Gwyd: Now?
Me: Really? Can you just... Ow, that's my leg.
Gwyd: I'm sorry. Were you using your lap for something? 'Cause it seemed lonely.
Me: Ahhhhhh! Ow. Ow. Ow.
Gwyd: Oh, you want me to headbutt your face?
Me: Ahhhhh!
Gwyd: I think I missed a spot.
Me; Ahhhhhh!
Gwyd: Got it.
Me: Oh god, I have cat hair in my eye.
Gwyd: It's too hot to snuggle. I think I'll go nap in front of the a/c.

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Amber said...

OMG, my friend Ben just has the same conversation with his cat, sputnik..