Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A present for mom

A couple of years ago, I made both my mom and my sister new hats and matching scarves for Christmas. About a month ago, my sister asked me to make her a new one, as she had misplaced hers and it was her favorite hat.

There are few people in the world who could lose an item I made for them, ask for a replacement, and get it. But for my big sister? I said, of course.

Even though I was in the middle of recovering from a neck injury and going to physical therapy and not doing any knitting or crocheting, I looked in my stash and found that I still had enough of the yarn from the original hat/scarf set to make a new hat for my sister, so I got to work. A hat pattern that typically takes me 2 hours took me 3 days to complete, as I could only work on it sporadically before I was in too much pain.

Then, shortly after I finished the hat, I got a call from my mother. Asking for a new hat. Because the one she had was dark red, and she just got a new hat and scarf that were purple. I wasn't ready to start on it right away, but spent some time going through my stash, looking for yarn that might work. I didn't have any. (I know, surprising, right?)  I thought about buying some, and then I remembered I had some undyed worsted yarn in my stash. And I had recently done some other dyeing and was in the mood. 

Had fun mixing up the colors and I think it worked out pretty well.

And I was able to finish the new hat in my usual timeframe, which was great.  Now I can finally send out the last of my "Christmas" presents.

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