Sunday, July 24, 2005

The trade show itself was really interesting. Most of the stuff was scrapbooking, and a lot of it looked the same, but there were some cool things. And there was yarn, Lion brand, Caron, and Coats and Clark all had booths. I scored some free stuff, 6 or so skeins of yarn from the Lion people, a set of crystallite needles from Coats and Clark, and (hopefully) a couple more skeins of yarn from Caron (one of the sales guys was going to send us stuff). Go me and my feminine wiles. I also got to fondle some rosewood needles, and boy were they pretty. Speaking of knitting, I completed the body of a little handbag during my various flights, and now just have to figure out how to use my sewing machine, so I can put the lining in and attach handles or straps of some sort. It's cute, and the variegated yarn did a neat looking spiral-y striping thing, completely by accident.