Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A project comes together at last

Some time ago, I bought this really cheap cone of mohair yarn.  It was really cheap because it was a hideous mustard yellow color.  The-70's-called-and-they-want-their-yarn-back kind of mustard yellow.  And I was thought, "I can totally dye this another color and it will be awesome."  I threw some green dye on it, and well...the results were not pretty.  It looked like dead grass.  So, it sat in my yarn stash for a while, mocking me.  Then I thought, "Maybe it will looks less hideous once it is knit."  For future reference, if you find yourself saying this, your project is probably not off to a good start.  Then I knit this hood.  And it was still awful.  So back into the dye pot it went, this time, with copious amounts of dye, way more than I thought it needed.  And lo and behold, it actually came out pretty cool.  I am a sucker for a happy ending.