Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I keep meaning to post more. And I swear if I was feeling like myself, I would. I haven't even been making anything. But I do finally have something to share. And considering that it has taken me just about 2 months to finish, I am pretty darn proud of this.

This winter accessories set was started in response to the October challenge for EtsyFAST which was "Candy". I chose Twizzlers as my candy inspiration. Mmmm....twizzlers.

And some closeups:

I started this with just the scarf, but it was taking me so long, due to my illness, that I got bored with it, and made the hat as a way to take a break from it. Then I got bored again, and made the fingerless mittens...because, well, I love me some fingerless mittens.

All three pieces are knit in a spiral rib pattern from Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky, and I used almost every last bit of 5 hanks of the stuff. It's soft, warm, and totally squishable.

I still don't feel totally like myself. I keep thinking that maybe tomorrow I will feel better. And who knows, maybe tomorrow I will.