Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Big Foot Sweater 
My knitting olympics project: This is now and forever known as the Big Foot sweater.

My first sweater Don't I look proud?
Technically, the big foot sweater was finished first, but this one was all done except for the zipper when I started that project, so I am counting it as the first sweater.

Monday, February 27, 2006

I've been too busy knitting to post. =) Seriously, though...I finished my knitting olympics project on Sun night, sewed the zipper in my Mariah sweater this evening, and cast on heathertea's fingerless mittens today. Whew. No pics yet...but I plan on wearing the green sweater to work tomorrow, so I'll get some pics then, so you call all marvel at my handiwork. heh. I'm going to need to take a break from the knitting soon and work on some other neglected projects. I may play with my sewing machine. Heathertea has been posting about sewing lately, and it makes me want to really put this baby to work. 'Course, I have to clean my room up enough to get the damned thing out. Hmmm...guess I know what I am doing next weekend.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Making good progress on my Knitting Olympics challenge. I am documenting my progress here. I should have gotten more knitting done yesterday, since I wasn't at work and all...but I was just too tired.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Well, I haven't been very good about updating here...but then absolutely nothing of interest has happened in my life, so I guess that's okay. I have been making an attempt to keep track of the books I am reading, with the goal of reading at least 50 books this year. So far I have managed: C.S. Lewis - The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe 224 p. One of the few occasions when revisiting a love of my childhood has not been disappointing. Lemony Snicket - The Penultimate Peril 368 p. Clever, as usual. I love this series. Curtis Sittenfeld - Prep 417 p. Teenagers are annoying. This book reminds me a little too much of my own experiences in private school. Greg Palmer - Death: The Trip of a Lifetime 294 p. Entertaining and enlightening: a good combination. Elizabeth Kostova - The Historian 642 p. Novels about vampires are inherently silly. This one is no exception. John Irving - A Prayer For Owen Meany 640 p. I DON'T LIKE IT WHEN PEOPLE YELL AT ME. Dennis Lehane - Shutter Island 400 p. Predictable, but a quick and interesting read. Otherwise, my life has been pretty boring. I've been knitting a lot, and spending much more time by myself than I would like. But there has also been dancing, and movies and fun times with friends, so it's not all bad.
What I did with my tax refund: Yarn This would be 1 Lady B bag by Lexi Barnes, 8 skeins of Silk Garden, 3 hanks of Malabrigo, 1 hank of Schaefer Anne, and 3 balls of Reynolds Odyssey. Hooray for tax refunds!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

ladygwyn's moose needed a sweater. So, I made it one. Of course I did. If you knit a moose a sweater... if you knit a moose a sweater... it will look something like this.

Monday, February 06, 2006

I finished the knitting part of my knitting last night. Hooray! I started weaving in the ends, and don't have that much more to go. My problem is that I know I should really block it before I sew it together...but, I want to wear it now. Will be stopping on way home from work tonight to buy zipper. Still need to swatch for Olympics. Also, went to WEBS yesterday for Super Bowl Party. Used some of my tax refund money to buy yarn. Pretty, pretty yarn. And a very cool knitting bag that I have been drooling over for some time. There will be pictures later. Got to hang out and knit with ladygwyn, lordavon, and j. it was fun.