Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I have been doing a lot of crafting lately, but not really getting anything done. However, I finally have some finished objects to share with you, my loyal readers. =) Maneki Neko Tote This is my finished bag for the sotm_swap. I got lazy and just attached the design to the front of a finished bag...though it turns out to have taken much longer than it probably would have to have made the bag myself. If I hadn't been lazy, I could have attached the imaged to the front of the bag with a sewing machine, and then used a sewing machine to put the thing together. Instead it seemed like a really good idea to stitch the design to the front of the bag by hand. Duh. Still. I am pleased with it. Kitties! More stuff I made for the swap: a magnet, a journal, and a little stuffed kitty (which was supposed to have horns and be a devil kitty, but the horns kept tearing or falling off. It was not meant to be, I guess. Actually, I repeatedly tried to make devil kitty things for this swap, because my person has a cat named Satan, but none of them worked. I think I was out of practice, as far as the crafting goes. So maybe I will do better next time. I also included some cat toys for her kitty, a bar of soap with a kitty head in it, and a Hello Kitty keychain thingie Sock wip When I had a recent visit to geekpixie, she showed me how to start a toe-up sock with a short row toe. I have the foot and heel done now and have started on the cuff...then I just have to make another one. I love this yarn. Love Love Love. That is all.

 This has nothing to do with my crafting, but my co-worker often comes in to work with her nails painted in crazy colors, and she showed up yesterday with this, and kept flipping people off, which I found amusing (though I suppose some might be offended). Also, I did some more work on the mystery shawl 3 (and yes, I know that the 4th one already started). I hope to finish # 3 this week and then, maybe, start on #4 and try to keep up with the group...but we'll see how that goes. I'm not posting a picture of the shawl at this time, because it just looks like a large, grey blob. But I am convinced that once it is done, it will be pretty. And in any case, I have enjoyed making it.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I bought some stitch markers recently and they came in the mail this week. They are just about the best thing ever. 

I love, love, love them