Friday, September 24, 2004

I've been feeling like reading some adolescent lit lately. Maybe it has to do with my upcoming birthday and feeling like I am old. Right now, I'm reading Simon R. Green's Something from the Nightside. It's fun, the kind of thing I would have been totally enthralled with as a pre-teen. The main character is John Taylor, a private investigator with a special gift for finding things...even things that don 't want to be found. He takes on a case to find a runaway teen that leads him to the Nightside, a sort of parallel dimension full of horrible, and yet enticing things. The horror is not too scary, at least not what I've read so far, strictly PG stuff. Noticing a trend though, the mix of horror and comedy. There are a lot of witticisms, one liners and sarcasm which I find entertaining. Very similar in that way to the vampire books I was reading recently, and to shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, and even most horror movies these days have those laugh moments. Used to be a time when if you were laughing at your horror movie or show, it was a bad it's sort of expected, that we're afraid to make things too scary. We inject humor into our nightmares. Weird, huh?

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