Tuesday, November 22, 2005

In addition to my busy Christmas gift making schedule, I have also been taking home a lot of painting and stitching work for my job. This is all stuff that we're going to be selling in the next year or so....so you definitely didn't see this here.

Eeyore mini
Eeyore Brights mini mini

Just about the cutest thing ever.

Tink mini
Tinker Bell mini mini

"Does my butt look big in this?"

I have discovered that I really like Paint By Numbers.

Kittens on Keys Kittens on Keys

Paint By Number
Tow Mater Tow Mater

Cars Paint By Number - I only did touch ups on this one, which was painted by the lovely ladygwyn
The Chase The Chase

Cars Paint By Number
Lightning McQueen Lightning McQueen

Cars Paint By Number
Red Red

Cars Paint By Number
Eeyore Eeyore

Pooh Brights Paint By Number
Nemo Nemo

Finding Nemo Paint By Number

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