Saturday, July 15, 2006

I received the best package ever for the I Love Ewe swap.

This is all the stuff. A cute bag with a felt sheep on it (which has pockets and things for knitting needles or whatever. A little pouch with a sheep needle felted onto it. And a sculpy covered tin with a sheep on it.

Closeup of the needle felted sheep. She was hard to take a picture of, so you will have to trust me that she is even cuter than this picture suggests.

Closeup of the top of the tin. Yes. It is a zombie sheep. This is just about the most awesome thing ever. I love it. Zombie sheep. Baaaaaaaaa.

Inside the tin is some little knitting supplies: measuring tape, scissors, row counter, tape measure, and stitch markers made with felted beads. Cute, no?

My partner is the bomb, yo. Seriously, this was an awesome package. Yay!

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