Thursday, July 06, 2006

So...some of you may know that I am working on a swap on Craftster which is sheep themed. The send out date isn't for 2 weeks, but I feel the need to share the cute sheep things now.

First up, we have an assortment of hair thingies:
Sheep hair clips
The thing on the left is a looks kind of silly without a head to put it on, but at least you can see the cute sheep fabric. The hair clips were made with sheep shaped buttons, and I really like them. In fact, I made some for myself.

Sheep hair clip
Here I am, modeling one of the sheep clips. I am wearing them today to test how well they hold up. Cause if the sheep fall off halfway through the day, I will not, in fact, be sending them to my swap partner...unless I can figure out a better way to attach them. But I am hopeful that they will be okay. I have already opened and closed the clip several times, trying to get it in my hair, and it seems to be okay so far.

And finally, at least for now, here is my sheep shaped pillow:
This is my new favorite thing that I have ever made. It's sewn with fleece, so it's very soft, and extra squishy, and damned cute (if I do say so myself). I almost hate to send it to my pal....but I have enough fleece to make a second one for me. =)

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