Monday, August 14, 2006

And now, for your early morning zombie post.

I finished these magnets, made mostly with images of Ash from the Evil Dead movies, Bub from Day of the Dead and a couple of Dead Alive pics scoured off the internet, along with a couple text magnets.

Zombie magnets

They fit nicely inside of the zombie tin.

I also spent a good part of yesterday making a Bub doll, complete with his very own bucket of guts.


Combined with the journal and decorated tin, this was going to be my completed swap package. Only now the deadline has been extended, and even though I have spent hours and hours making this stuff, looking at it, it doesn't seem like that much. I feel like I should make one more thing, maybe something big, so it looks like more stuff. Only I have another swap I wanted to get started on, and I am also fresh out of ideas. So what do you, my loyal readers think? Is this an okay swap package?

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