Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Continuing on my trend of actually finishing things. Here are a couple of my recent knitted items.

First up we have some fingerless mittens for jadefu.

(I hope you like them, and I will try to remember to bring them with me the next time I am going to see you)

And next up, we have my long suffering Clapotis. This is a very easy pattern that somehow became the neverending project for me. I started it in Mar 2006, and shortly thereafter, it was stolen from my car, along with a bunch of other stuff in my knitting bag. Thankfully, the bag, the yarn, and most of the other contents were recovered a week or so later. Sadly, I had kind of lost my drive for working on it, and it sat, neglected, for many months. Occasionally, I would pick it up, knit a few rows, get distracted by something and neglect it again. Poor thing.

Anyway, it's done now, and it looks darned pretty. And it's starting to be autumnal outside, so I will get to use it. Yay!

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