Saturday, January 26, 2008

This past week has been a very crafty one. On Monday, I went with paper_wings to the Sudbury SnB. Had coffee, did some knitting, and met some fun new people. Seems like a good group, and I expect I will be going back, even if it is a little out of my way.

Have been trying to get my etsy shop in order, as I pretty much neglected it (along with most everything else) for the whole month of December. Have joined a few groups to try and help promote my stuff and do some networking, but I haven't participated much yet, as I feel like my site needs a lot of work. Mainly, I need to come up with a name for it. I mean...I have my username, but most of my fellow etsyian's have a shop name, and I feel like I need one, along with a banner. So there is definitely work to do. But, I have still managed to sell the occasional piece, and am thrilled that someone finally bought the knitting needle case, so that I feel justified in making more. In addition, I sold some yarn to paper_wings, and accepted 2 commissions for fingerless mittens for my co-workers, so I am feeling good about those things.

I have continued to do a lot of spinning the last few weeks, and am very nearly finished with what I hope will be my very first sock weight yarn. I am so excited at the prospect of making socks from yarn that I spun myself. Have also been knitting my fingers to the bone, I need to finish up the fingerless mitts for J, so that I can start on the other pairs. And then, just for fun, I am currently in 3 swaps. The first is Dead Like Me themed, and I am having so much fun with that. The next is the Invite Your Partner swap, where lordavon asked me to be her partner, and made a request for some little stuffies. And the last is a stuffie swap. Haven't done much in the way of stuffed animals for a few months, and am really enjoying it.

So that's what up in my crafting world these days. Sorry there's no pictures, but hopefully I will have some more stuff to show off soon.

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