Friday, December 12, 2008

I got my new spinning wheel! Yay! I picked it up from my dad's house yesterday and put it together. It is just as cute as I remember, and I will be sure to take pictures this weekend so I can show it off.

It also occurs to me that I didn't share pics of the fingerless mittens that I made for my co-worker. She used to borrow mine all the time, and so finally commissioned a pair for herself. In black. I used a reverse stockinette background to help the cable stand out a little bit more, but working with the black yarn was kind of a pain, which is why these ended up taking about 6 months to complete. Whoops.

She loves them, though and wears them around work all the time. As a result, another co-worker recently asked me to make a pair for his wife.

I love the braided cable.

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