Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2009 everyone!

I stopped making "resolutions" years ago, as they seemed destined for failure. Instead, I have had a tradition of setting goals.

This year, some of my crafting goals include:
  1. Knit a sweater.
  2. Finish socks v 2.5
  3. Create usable crafting space at home
  4. Spin alpaca fleece
  5. Participate in at least 1 craft fair
  6. Be profitable.
I am off to a good start, I spent part of my new year's day cleaning up my crafting room, throwing things away and organizing. I can't believe how much unusable stuff I had: dried up glue, empty paint containers, paintbrushes with no bristles left. Today I will be heading to the store this evening to look at storage units. I am thinking about getting one of those 9 cube organizer things, with some cute drawers to help keep my yarn and fiber organized.

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