Thursday, July 24, 2008


For July, the Big Damn Crafters Team chose "Ice Planets" as our theme. For those of you not familiar with the show Firefly, ice planets are a frozen treat suspended from a stick which make an appearance in the episode "The Message" and are most notably remembered by the following quote:

River: My food is problematic.
Jayne: The girl's a mind reading genius, can't even figure out how to eat an ice planet.

For me, ice planets embody the sense of fun and humor that I love about the show and I wanted to create something that captured that spirit, so I decided to make a mobile:

The 4 ice planets are made from paper mâché which has been painted white and coated with a generous helping of glitter. Each ice planet is hung on cotton cording, strung with painted wooden stars. In the center of the mobile, the colorful squares spell out "My food is problematic" and are finished with a set of silver toned bells.

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