Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I am such a slacker!

A couple of people flaked on the skeleton/skull/bones swap that I was in, and because I had become friendly with the organizer (who was also the recipient of my crafting), she asked if I would help out by being an angel for the person who sent me the awesome package. I agreed, but said that I didn't have a whole lot of time to work on things for a couple of weeks, 'cause I'm busy with other swaps, but that I would get to it as soon as possible.

Because she is awesome, extrajoker volunteered to help out and make something. The next thing I knew, she had done this:

etched glass bottle w/ secret note.

Why IS the rum gone?

and this:

An address book.

and this:

A Memento Mori Mirror. Hooray consonantal alliteration!

and I had done:


What a slacker I am. So, because one of the things she specifically asked for was some sort of bag, I whipped this up at work yesterday:

Tote bag with stamped skulls

my favorite skull

God. I suck.

However, at least the person who made a completely awesome swap package for me is getting some good stuff in return. Thanks so much for your help, extrajoker. You rock.

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