Thursday, October 19, 2006

So, in addition to my adventures in spinning, I am also working on other crafty things.

Finished up everything for partner #1 of the Miyazaki swap:
There was the stenciled tote bag seen earlier, though I did clean up a couple of the sploochy parts with cream colored paint to match the background fabric.

A Nausicaa themed journal:

And a little Jiji stuffie:

There was also a Jiji magnet. There were supposed to be more magnets, but they met with an accident, and only the one came out okay. Oh well. That stuff is all on its way to its new owner.

I also have been working on this fall themed bag:

The back is still plain, but I think I am going to consider this baby done, and get it out the door. I have other things to do.

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