Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sewing trouble - and a finished needlecase

I was so in the mood to do some sewing today. Sadly, just after starting on the project, my primary sewing machine decided it didn't really want to work anymore. Took the thing apart, cleaned and oiled everything...still nothing. *sigh* Switched to backup sewing machine and quickly remembered why I had abandoned it in the first place. It was refurbished, and I think the person who did the work on it made a new needle plate for it, or just bought the wrong one. The hole that the needle is supposed to go through doesn't quite line up the way it should, so at high speeds, you are likely to snap the needles, and at low speeds, sometimes it just gets stuck. And I can't figure out what the model of the machine is (even the people at Brother were not able to identify it), so I couldn't find a replacement.

Too bad yard sale season is over. Maybe I should just give in and buy a sewing machine that is less than 40 years old. I have to say, though, that I definitely got my $15 out of the Kenmore. Even if I can't fix it at this point, it has served me well.

Anyway, despite these difficulties, I did manage to complete the knitting needle case that was meant to be the first of my projects today, and is now likely the only project of the day.

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