Monday, September 18, 2006

Finished up a bunch of stuff this weekend. Wanna see? You know you do.

First, I volunteered to be an "angel" for someone who didn't receive a swap package. This was for the August 2006 Birthday Swap. The person listed pinup girls as one of their interests, and indicated she would like some stationary. So I put together this gift box full of 5 x 6 stationary:

I wanted to make up some printed envelopes to go with the stationary, but the envelopes kept jamming in my printer. Oh well.

And then, I finished the stuff for the Skull/Bones/Skeleton swap that I've been working on:

The finished tote bag (I added satin ribbon to the top, and lined it with a black and white skull print; a bunch of hair things, scrunchies, headbands, etc., and a journal.

Also, some kitty toys.

Closeup of the bag, showing a little bit of the lining fabric.

I am especially happy with the way the tote turned out. I hope both of my partners like their presents.

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